Numbers never, ever lie.  They may be manipulated, but certainly, they never lie.

Lets take a look at recent economic conditions and make a few very simple prediction as we cross into 2018

* The Dow is climbing rapidly, likely to cross the threshold of 24,000 by the end of Q1 of 2018

* The bond market, which historically drops when the Dow advances, is also climbing at an unprecedented pace.

* Interest rates still hover at about 4%

* Unemployment, nationally, is at 4.1%, the lowest in 17 years.

* National existing homes sales, as reported in November, are up 17% from the same time in 2016.

So, lets dismiss your political opinion for a moment.  The simple truth that these numbers reveal is unquestionable. We are in a strong and robust economy!  Brunswick County housing statistics are slowly starting to advance as well. New construction starts are strong and resale transaction will likely eventually follow, specifically since 26% of our market is a second home market.

The next number that won't lie is pretty simple. Median sale price is standing at 242K and it will definitely go up in the first half of 2018. If you simply look at the typical buyer of second home properties, look at the statistics above, you can only come to one conclusion. Sales volume will increase, and prices will follow.

Another statistic that has never lied. In every historical recovery period since the Roosevelt administration, most real estate investors missed the opportunity of investing, simply because they did not anticipate the recovery happening so quickly.

One quick fact:  last week I put together a list of Brunswick County Foreclosures and short sales for my investor clients, (shoot me an email if you want this list)  The list consisted of 29 properties.  A year ago it was 74.  Let that sink in for a moment.

So lets not ignore those pesky little facts that contribute to a strong real estate market. The shift is here!

The listing below, a golf course property with massive frontage, a FOUR CAR garage and a full blow accessory apartment available for $389,987.00.  This equates to $126 per square foot.  Not sure where you can duplicate this type of craftsmanship at about $175 a foot, but this is just one more unarguable fact.  Coastal Brunswick County is likely the best kept secret on the coast!