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April 19, 2017


Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® releases real estate statistics for March 2017



SHALLOTTE, N.C. – Brunswick County’s residential real estate market continues to surge as we enter the second quarter of 2017, according to statistics released by the Brunswick County Association of REALTORS®.

“Brunswick County’s residential real estate market is officially hot as we move into summer,” said BCAR CEO Cynthia Walsh. “The number of listings, units sold and average sale price all increased in March compared to a year ago, while the average number of days on market continues to hold steady and the absorption rate continues to drop. Additionally, total sales volume rose by an astounding 51% in March compared to last year. This was our best first quarter in over five years, and all indicators point to an increasingly hot market as we move into summer.”

Brunswick County saw increased sales in all prices ranges in March 2017:

  • Six homes sold in excess of $1 million
  • 29% increase in sales of homes between $500,000 and $950,000
  • 266.7% increase in sales of homes between $450,000 and $499,999
  • 175% increase in sales of homes between $350,000 and $399,000
  • 70% increase in sales of homes between $200,000 and $250,000.

According to Walsh, Brunswick County is selling 29% more homes at an 8% higher average price through the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year, resulting in 40% more in total sales than 2016.


First Quarter Totals – Brunswick County Only


Average Number of Listings Per Month

  • 1Q 2017: 607
  • 1Q 2016: 510
  • Change: +19.0%

 Total Listings

  • 1Q 2017: 1822
  • 1Q 2016: 1531

 Average Units Sold

  • 1Q 2017: 292
  • 1Q 2016: 226
  • Change: +29.2%

 Total Units Sold

  • 1Q 2017: 875
  • 1Q 2016: 677

 Average Sale Price

  • 1Q 2017: $250,024
  • 1Q 2016: $229,721
  • Change: +8.8%

 Total Sales Volume

  • 1Q 2017:  $218,950,876
  • 1Q 2016: $155,970,000
  • Change: +40.4%


March 2017 Totals

Brunswick County



  • March 2017: 683
  • March 2016: 556
  • Increase/decrease: +22.8%

Units Sold

  • March 2017: 397
  • March 2016: 281
  • Increase/decrease: +41.3%

Average Sale Price

  • March 2017: $251,543
  • March 2016: $234,463
  • Increase/decrease: +7.3%

Total Sales Volume

  • March 2017: $99,860,000
  • March 2016: $65,880,000
  • Increase/decrease: +51.6%

April 13, 2017

Market Condition Changes In The Brunswick Beach Area....Finally!

Take a look at this video, might shed some light on a few market dynamics affecting Brunswick County buyers and sellers.  Check out the link below:


Guaranteed Rates Market Update

Sept 22, 2016

Following observation from Guaranteed Rates Market Update broadcast.

The Federal Reserve held the Federal Funds Rate unchanged in Wednesday’s meeting, but stipulated that a December rate hike following the Presidential election is likely to occur. Mortgage rates, which had been near or at their 2-month highs, trended down after the Fed decision, as did the 10-year treasury yield.

While markets expected the decision, the likelihood of a rate hike before year-end is now at about 50%. This is due to a slightly more bullish outlook resulting from a significant policy change by the Bank of Japan to target a 0% yield on its 10-year bond.

So far, the markets appear to approve of Japan’s new monetary policy measures and the Fed’s commitment to long-term low interest rates. The stock markets also rallied, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average trending up after the announcement.

Mortgage rates are probably set to rise with the interest rate hike looming in December, though the effects of what is shaping up to be a frenetic election makes such predictions speculative at best.

Yes!!  You Can Own For Less Than You Can Rent!

November 11, 2014

Hard to believe, but since the financial fallout of 2007-2008, we are still seeing interest rates hovering around 4%.  In my world, this is an absolute phenomenon!  I clearly remember the days of 13-15% interest rates in the 80's, and my first home purchase was around 13.5%!  This truly is an amazing opportunity that our younger generations are not taking advantage of.

Think about this.  In my market of Coastal Southeastern North Carolina, we can easily identify a late model 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom home for under $150,000.00.  Sure, it may not be the house of your dreams, but what an outstanding stepping stone that brings you toward the American Dream! Using some our qualified lenders with little or no money down, you can have your own home with a monthly mortgage payment of less than $725.00!

No question about it, you can definitely own for less than you can rent!  The same home described above would easily rent for $900-1100 monthy. The savings of a rental would easily offset the cost of property taxes and homeowners insurance that you'd be required to pay, not to mention the tax advantages that come with the benefit of homeownership.

One thing is certain. I fully believe in the statement and message of the National Association of REALTORS. Homeownership Matters!

Why don't you contact us today and talk about your opportunity to grasp the American Dream. No other country on the planet offers the opportunity to own real estate more than we enjoy.  Our buyer Specialist, Emilee Sinclair , is fully prepared to counsel through your first home purchase. Not only that, but Emilee can direct you to Pat Holsten of American Securites and get you on the path of an NCFHA mortgage. (Check out my blog from a few days ago titled "Free Money."

Remember this:     America is the only country in the world that guarantees opportunity. All you have to do is recognize it!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

November 11, 2014



November 7, 2014

FREE Money?

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on a local Talk Radio Business Segment.  My brain started churning back to early in 2009 when interest rates started dropping with the hope of some housing stimulation.  Hard to believe we've been looking at interest rates below 5% for over five years.  Absolutely amazing!

Even more amazing is a program for North Carolinians that is driven by the NCFHA.  Our buyer Specialist, Emilee Sinclair, has recently been trained and certified to work buyers through this incredible program.

With  3% of down payment assistance, a buyer can purchase a home on a virtual shoestring.  The program allows a single applicant to have an income as high as $81,000.00 and there is no limit on the purchase price. What's even more impressive is that this loan program isn't just for first time buyers, but for move-up buyers as well!  Amazing!!

This had me reflecting on the true definition of the American dream, namely the belief that determination, hard work, and prioritizing ones desires can actually lead to the gift and blessing of homeownership. In recent years I'm getting the vibe that the Gen Y and Millennial generation are missing out on their birthright. Homeownership has never been easier!

We would love to help you with your dreams!  It's not that hard to dream, but it's also pretty easy to hit the goal of owning a home!

Why don't you reach out to your local REALTOR today and grab your dream??

Authored by Bob Percesepe

November 7, 2014




November 2, 2014

The Value Of A Home Inspection. Is It Really Necessary?

After all, why would I want to spend the money?  My uncle is a carpenter!

It's always tough spending a few hundred dollars on something like a home inspection, specifically when money is tight while in the midst of a home purchase.  I recently experienced this personally as my wife and I are getting to the final days of a closing on the construction of our new home.  Although I was 100% satisfied with the quality of our builders workmanship and his commitment to the construction of a quality product,  We still elected to have a home inspection by a licensed home inspector.  A great investment as I later found out.

You see, your uncle may be a great carpenter, but does he have the ability to inspect for mold, conduct radon assessments, inspect latent defects that may not bee seen to the average eye?  Does your uncle have the ability to load test outlets, inspect the efficiency of your HVAC system, test appliances, discover leaks in plumbing, and dozens of the other items that may lurk in the hidden areas of your home purchase?

The very obvious answer is no.  A great carpenter may see carpentry flaws, and a great plumber may be able to assess plumbing related issues, but a licensed home inspector , certified by The American Society of Home Inspectors, is trained to look for, and alert the buyer too the many challenges that a home may have that may not otherwise be seen by the average tradesman. I'm certainly not discounting the value of a competent and skilled tradesman, but I was amazed at a few things that Branson, (My home inspector) found in our home that needed to be addressed. Although many of the items were relatively minor, many were significant enough for me to bring to the attention of our builder.

Even more interesting, our builder was not offended that a few items needing correction were pointed out to him.  This gave him the opportunity to pass a well built and well crafted home to us!  The most important part of a home inspection, however, is the ability to introduce the working components of your home to you.

In short, making the small investment of a home inspection when purchasing your home is worth its worth its weight in gold!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

November 3, 2014


October 29, 2014

Having Fun And Supporting Local Business!

Went on a 'Field Trip" with our Buyer Specialist Emilee Sinclair yesterday.  What a fun time introducing ourselves to local businesses!
We support and encourage our friends and customers to patronize local entrepreneurs and community supporters!

Thanks to:
Amanda Carpenter-State Farm Insurance-Leland NC
Mad River Designs-Southport
Prevatte and Prevatte Law-Southport
The Ricky Evans Art Gallery-Southport
Twin Oaks Events and Weddings-Southport
Ryan Johnson, Adrian Iapallucci -Iapallucci Law-Southport

It's been awesome to see the way  our service to the community develop.  This is one of the reasons that we have brought Emilee onto our team.  Emilee has a very specific role and it's quite simple.  Continue our commitment to world class service and extend it to our buyer clients!  Welcome Emilee!

October 29,2014


August 10, 2014

Can I Negotiate Myself Out Of A Real Estate Deal?

Baby.... you better believe it!

There are two types of real estate transactions:  1) Amicable  2)  Adversarial

The best real estate transaction will generally come from both parties being respectful and open to each others needs. The ideal result is a deal where everyone involved comes out feeling like a winner.

In recent years it seems that there is a perception of desperation among home sellers simply as a result of weakened market and economic conditions.  Not always the case.  This myth will occasionally lead to very low and unrealistic offers on homes, usually resulting in bad feelings and a quick unwillingness for home sellers to negotiate in good faith

For home sellers, breakdowns in negotiations can develop in much the same way, usually from standing firm on price, uncomfortable terms, or what may be perceived as demanding requests.

A few suggestions that will keep a transaction moving forward smoothly:

* For home sellers, never make the statemet, "I'm not giving my house away!"

* Be open and sensitive to each others closing timeline, and financial constraints.

* Homes will always need repairs of some kind...always!.  Be fair minded when negotiating repairs.

* Never make on the spot decisions.  Take a bit of time to reach sensible conclusions.

* Never get foul. Nothing good will ever come out of anger.

* Remember that there is a solution to every challenge. Sometimes you just need to dig for it a little.

Take time to discuss your hesitation to respond to specific requests. View them for what they are.  When requests are presented as demands, the results may be explosive. Avoid dialogues that lead to one party walking away from deals. Listen to your seasoned Real Estate Professional. By discussing challenges openly and candidly there is always the opportunity for a happy ending to every deal! 

Most importantly, use your agent as the go-between for all negotiations. Remember that a Brokers #1 job is to keep a buyer and seller apart.... so that they can get together.

Authored by Bob Percesepe

August 10, 2014


August 3, 2014

OK Bob, What Is Your 87 Day Guaranteed Sale Program About?   Is it A Gimmick?

I get this question at least once a day.  I've been using my Guaranteed Sale Program since I first started my business in the Cape Fear Region of North Carolina, and had used the program for many, many years in my former market in New York. Actually, I find it a huge compliment that many agents have copied and expanded on guaranteed sale programs both in my market and outside my market in recent years.

Many folks are skeptical and can't believe that we would warranty the sale of a home!  But please be assured. There is no gimmick and there are no strings!

Let me ask a few questions:

 When you purchase a car, does it come with a warranty? The same question comes up with the purchase of a laptop, a dishwasher, a cell phone, or nearly any other product or service. Certainly there may be restrictions on many warranties. (Your cell phone warranty might be voided if you leave it in the pocket of your jeans and wash it.) 

Would you hire a real estate professional that is so committed to the sale of your home that they would warranty the sale in an iron clad written agreement?  Why would any real estate agent engage in a listing agreement if they were not 100% intent on Selling The Home?  I can only speak for myself, but I am most definitely not in the business of listing homes with the express desire of not selling it!  It serves me or my company no purpose to list a property with no desire or plan to sell it. Much time, energy, and resources go into a marketing campaign of a home, but unfortunately, many homes still remain unsold.

Just like warranties on home appliances, there are a few conditions that must be met if I'm to Guarantee the sale of your home, but these conditions are basic and fundamental real estate practices that are so simple, we would be foolish not to engage them anyway!

Here's the fact:  No Home Should Be On The Market For Over 87 Days!   My competitors, and a few colleagues, absolutely hate when I make this statement, but it is the most absolute truthful statement that a sales professional in my industry can make.  I'll even go a bit deeper. If a home doesn't sell in 87 Days Or Less, someone in the chain is undeniably doing something wrong.  The breakdown is usually quite easy to find.

Now the big question.  Why is all of your property pricing, literature, and promotion material laced with the number 87?  And Why 87 Days or Less? Why not 89 or 92, or 74?  Please inbox me for the answer to this Top Secret question!  :)  Or go to www.87DaySale.com

August 3, 2014

Authored by Bob Percesepe


July 26, 2014

Southport, NC Annual 'Rocket Regatta' this weekend!

A great sailing event take place in the Cape Fear Region this weekend! Hosted by the Cape Fear Yacht Club and named after an iconic local citizen, The Rocket Regatta is a two day event that attracts an interesting and fun fleet of sailors.  Swing into Southport and watch the colorful racing boats find their way into the race course right from the Riverwalk area and pier in Historic Southport. (I'm putting my money on 'Swamp Dog", but I'm a little biased.)

Authored by Bob Percesepe

July 26, 2014

July 21,2014

What is a "REALTOR" ?

It's estimated that there are roughly 2 million licensed real estate licensee's in The United States. A little less than half of the licensee's, however, are members of one of the countries largest trade fraternity, The National Association of REALTORS.

 REALTORS pledge themselves to very strict and highly self governing Code of Ethics. Every REALTOR agrees to subscribe to the "Code" by adhering to following the REALTOR Standards of Practice. The National Association has survived, grown, and thrived for over 100 years in the United States, and is widely recognized as the number one consumer advocate for homeownership. REALTORS also extensively lobby Washington and State, and local  officials to support and protect homeownership issues across the country.

Always a good idea to ask your Real Estate professional if they are a REALTOR.  Look for the "R" logo on offices and most importantly, look for the 'R' pin on the lapels of your agents jacket!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

July 21, 2014


July 15, 2014

What Is The Difference Between an Appraisal , an Assessment, and a CMA ?

This is a question that hits pretty often in the real estate community. There are many occasions when both homeowners and purchasers have a difficult time identifying the 'true" value of a property, whether they are trying to get a idea of what number they will reach if the property is sold, or what a buyer might be willing to offer for a home purchase.

Let's start with Assessments.  In most municipalities, an annual budget is determined to pay for expenses that keep a town running such as police and fire services, highway departments, etc.  The theory behind an property assessment is that if one were to add the  total assessed valued of the municipalities property in a giant lump sum number,  an assessor would be able to calculate a per dollar tax on each property and divide it equally among the property owners in the municipality. A fair system, but only if the property assessments are relatively accurate.  This assessment is usually done by firms specializing in such evaluations, and in most cases, is done remotely through the use of aggregated data of recent sales and past assessments. This method is definitely not a precise and detailed evaluation, but a property value can be usually determined within a 'ballpark' range.  There are many times when assessments are challenged by property owners, and assessed tax value is never, in any way, a precise and pinpointed value of a property. It's simply a calculated estimate that does gives no consideration to a properties condition, quality or locational superiority.

An appraisal is considerably different.  Appraisers are highly trained property evaluators, licensed individually by state. Appraisers use calculated formulas to determine property value, regardless if it is a commercial or residential property. (Commercial properties are usually evaluated by a cost or income/expense approach, but I am speaking to the residential community.)

When a licensed appraiser creates a Uniform Appraisal Report, the professional is looking to 'clone' the home as carefully as possible using recent sales of 'like-kind' properties. In no instances will an appraiser look at homes that are currently active on the market or unsold. Value can only be determined by historical data. (Homes that have sold recently).  The appraiser will limit his home comparison as tightly as possible to the subject properties  community, and compare recent sales against it. He will also compare the subject property in sq. footage, bedroom and bathroom count, garage count, and other home features. In instances where the appraiser does not have sufficient relative data, he will make cost adjustments for a variety of home features. Added weight will be given to quality, condition, locational superiority or inferiority, as well as sq. footage adjustments. All of this is done while researching historical data only. (Appraisers do not compare the subject property to an home that is currently on the market....ever.)  This will dismiss the argument of "My neighbor down the street has his on the market for $____!  In short, an appraisal by a licensed professional is a highly accurate way to determine a home value. It is, in most cases, the quickest and most painless way to come to a quick value.

The Real Estate Professional uses a slightly different approach. In absolutely no circumstances should a REALTOR use a tax value as a determining factor when evaluating a home.  This would be a poor and inefficient way to come to a sensible price conclusion.

The approach most commonly used is known as a Comparable Market Analysis, or CMA.  The professional uses much of the same formulas that an appraiser may use, but factors in several additional considerations. Strong weight may be put on competing homes on the market that have similar characteristics and are located in the same community. This data can effectively be used as a strategy when promoting the home to the consumer. The REALTOR may also look at similar homes that did not sell, or have expired from the market. This is a great tool to determine if a home was listed at a price point that can't be supported and will also help determine the best offering price of a home when introducing it to the market.

Additionally, the real estate professional should be carefully evaluating market conditions, local and regional sales trends, average days on market, economic conditions,  and other statistical data that will help bring the home to a timely sale.

The most important thing to remember is pretty simple. Real Estate Appraisers and Brokers don't create a market. They simply react to it!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

July 15, 2014


July 8, 2014

Why Are Real Estate Websites So Inaccurate? And Why So Many Duplicate Listings?

Any Real Estate agent that’s been around the block a few times hears these two questions pretty regularly. It’s pretty frustrating for the average consumer to find a home that they like on a website, contact the listing agent for home details, and discover that the listing may be sold or in contract. How can this be possible?  After all, if the home is on the market, shouldn’t it be available for me to see?

Two very good questions that I will try to explain.

Most Brokers/Agents have 2 primary ways to promote their inventory on-line. 

The first is through the resources of the local Brokers IDX feed with their local Multiple Listing Service. This technique is fairly simple inasmuch as an agreement has been struck with the local MLS to ‘feed’ or propagate a home listing to multiple independent websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Homes.com or dozens of others .  When an agent enters a property into their local MLS the main data into their local platform, the listing details are then forwarded to the participating websites. Every website may have a different template or appearance, but the general content of the listing is usually the same. Pretty simple!

In turn, when the property goes into contract, or when it is sold, the listing is then automatically removed from these sites as the listing status is changed in the local agents MLS. Change the price in the MLS and the price changes on the websites. Change the verbiage or photography, and likewise it will change on the participating websites. Although many of these changes take place instantly, it may occasionally take a day or two for a change to reflect on some sites.

Interestingly, many markets may have overlapping territories where an agent may enter a listing in more than one MLS. This may result in occasional duplication of the listing on many sites, specifically REALTOR.com.  Again, the theory is that the participating website administrators will ‘scrape’ the content from the local MLS and restructure it on their site for consumer viewing. Although this is a terrific and fairly basic technology, it is not without its share of inaccuracies. Some inaccuracy can simply come from ‘”garbage in-garbage out” errors, or it can come from poor field manipulation on the hosting websites platform. (Entering the correct data in the wrong box).  This is where the bulk of error comes from.

One major peeve of the average consumer is the discovery that a listing has already been sold and it’s still lingering around on websites. This usually comes as a result of a simple feed input that does not recognize homes that are pending a sale, or are in a sales contract.  A small nuisance, but it definitely exists.

The second way that an agent can expose their listings on-line is almost identical to the way I described above, but it actually is fed into a syndication feed platform.  This is a simple process where an agent builds one listing, pays a fee to a hosting syndication company, and the listing is sent to dozens of sites manually. In most cases, all input into syndication platforms is edited, changed, or removed manually as well by the listing agent or company.  Unfortunately this technique, although very effective, can often result in old, stale listings that have not been taken down off the sites. It’s very important for agents to keep their syndicated listing information fresh and updated.

It is widely held by the National Association Of REALTORS® that many real estate websites do not reflect the actual inventory of available properties nationally, possibly by as many as three times!

The end result is pretty uncomplicated. The easiest and least complicated way to have full access to listing inventory is through your local REALTOR®.  You can contact virtually any REALTOR® and ask them to put you on an MLS portal that will feed you true and accurate listing information on a daily basis. Almost any agent would be delighted to help you with this at no cost!

 “Look for the REALTOR® logo!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

July 8, 2014

July 6, 2014 

How Many Homes Does The Average Real Estate Agent Sell In A Year?

I just finished reading a fascinating book, (Thanks Buddy Blake!) called “Game Changers- The Unfounded Fears and Future Prosperity of The Residential Real Estate Industry

The question popped in my mind concerning why real estate agents do what they do?  After all, it seems that everyone you know either has a real estate license, had a real estate license, or used to sell real estate! 

I found this topic so interesting I thought I would share a few very alarming statistics that have been haunting me. The following stats were aggregated from The Greater Denver, CO marketplace in the calendar year of 2013, but the trend is nearly identical in most major metro-markets throughout the country.  In some smaller markets the stats are even more frightening.

*  44% of all real estate licenses had no transactions. Not even one!

*  7% had one transaction during the same period

*  24% averaged 7.5 transactions during the year

*  Fewer than 1% converted over 51 transaction sides! An incredibly small minority!

Please keep in mind that these statistics include real estate professionals that simply possess an active real estate license. Many may be part-timers or  casual producers, but the reality is that most agents don’t sell very much and I certainly hope that they’re not dependent on real estate income to feed their families!

Couldn’t help but make the observation about experience in any field.  Would you want the heart surgeon that does one by-pass surgery a year operating on you?  Or would you rather have the guy that does several hundred a year holding the knife?

Just sayin!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

 July 6, 2014

July 2,2014

Are ZILLOW Price Opinions Accurate?

I had a great opportunity today to speak to a handful of agents that have found frustration with consumer opinion about real estate evaluation by Zillow, one of the leading real estate data aggregators on he web.

As a kid growing up, I remember watching TV in the early days of the great days of television broadcasting. It seemed in that innocent era of the early '60's, that anything that we saw on the screen was true, accurate, and believable. Advertisers were biblical and all information that was broadcasted was carved in stone. Or so I thought.  The early days of the internet, interestingly, were not much different.

Zillow has become an incredible resource for pricing opinion of real estate, and for many consumers it has become the benchmark for property evaluation. In many instances Zillow has a real benefit if the average consumer is looking for a 'window' of price opinion. Certainly a "Zestimate" cannot be used as a tool for assessment challenges for your local municipality, and it definitely can't be a substitute for a Market Analysis by a qualified Real Estate Professional or an appraiser. Both professionals are highly qualified and trained to evaluate a price opinion of a home.

A few thoughts to consider if you choose to view Zillow in the same way we viewed TV back in the day.

1) Did Zillow folks come to your home to preview and evaluate? 

2) Did anyone from Zillow craft a detailed and well researched Market Analysis on the home?

3) Has Zillow determined locational superiority or inferiority of your home and community?

In short, the aggregating data that Zillow uses is an awesome tool to give a homeowner a broad opinion of price and salability of a home, but nothing substitutes an opinion like a qualified professional. Always consult your local REALTOR and look for the REALTOR logo!

Authored by Bob Percesepe

July 2, 2014


June 30,2014

Coastal Brunswick County Market Conditions Changing?

As an agent that has many friends and colleagues deeply involved in the Real Estate industry scattered across the country, I get to discuss varying market conditions specific to each location. I'm intrigued by the broad scope of opinions from many seasoned veterans of the business.

One certainty that can't be avoided is that we are definitely in a transitional market, meaning that we are slowly shifting from a buyers market to a sellers market. In some markets like Boston, Chicago and NYC there are actually inventory shortages. A friend in Columbus, Ohio tells me that mainstream homes are sold after only a few days on the market. These same conditions exist in many NC markets including Charlotte and the Triad. 45 minutes from my home in Wilmington there is a strong unfulfilled demand for starter homes. (My companies main office is in Wilmington.)

The next certainty is that Brunswick Beaches and outlying communities are not there yet. Although the Southport, Ocean Isle and Leland markets are showing improved market conditions, the average days on market (DOM) is lingering around 245 compared to Wilmington which lingers around 90 days. These statistics exist simply because of the large volume of second homes, beach home, and golf/plantation homes available to the purchasing consumer.

Translation: It's time to buy in the Brunswick County, NC area

Authored by Bob Percesepe    June 30,2014

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